Hello my name is Fernando De La Cruz and my dream is to be a successful designer and own business. Now how did I get here? Funny story actually to be honest I didn't even know this field even existed until it was mentioned to me by my partner at the time. Graphic design seemed like a great choice because it was a mix of the two things I loved growing up which was electronics and drawing. Of course designing is more than just drawing it's about expressing the right type of concept that will attract you or your client's audiences. What many people don't know is that this field has numerous types of categories and that's where I struggled in the beginning. Then I started to surround myself around entertainers and actors when I went to college. Doing this allowed me to have more of a focus of what I want to do and what my niche is.

I designed flyers, logos, poster designs, video editing, photo shoots, and even 3D modeling. Woah a whole lots yes? At that moment I realized that I’m more than just a designer I’m a creator. Now what exactly is my type of style? Well during my years in college I was told frequently that my designs seems unnatural and idealized. This to me didn't seem like an issue and only caused me to develop it into my own style. People don’t want the same boring text over a image, they want something that is beyond what they’ve ever seen.

I started to get more serious about my career during my sophomore year in college because if you want to be successful it’s best to start early. We all know that of course right? Like they say though it’s easier said than done. I just couldn't see myself being the one to wait after college just to do something. I’m still moving up the ladder, but so far I’ve designed for indie films, made logos for startups, created album art for musicians, concert photography for bands, created social media ads for a company in DC, 3D modeled tiny houses, heck I’ve even designed the digital panels for my Commencement at IUP when I graduated and their Magazine. Came a long way and I’m not going to stop till I am the very best that I can be because if you have a dream never aim low only aim high. More goals and oppertunities are occuring, and each one takes me one step close toward my dreams which is to own my own brand to offer services and apparels.